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What is CosMic Plants Inc. and who are the people behind it?

CosMic Plants Inc. is a greenhouse operation conveniently located, 5 minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Way between Vineland and Beamsville, in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario. It is operated by a team of valuable employees and owners Neil and Mike van Steekelenburg (the name CosMic originates from their names Cornelis and Michael). Neil is in charge of the production and Mike is in charge of sales.

What does CosMic Plants Inc. produce and for who?

We produce Phalaenopsis Orchids in 5 inch pots and Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids in 2½" pots all year round. Our greenhouse facility is equipped with the most modern techniques to provide for a continuous supply of these beautiful flowering tropical plants. Our customers are mainly floral wholesalers and distributors who, in their turn, supply florists, garden centers and chain stores. But we cater to floral designers, event planners and interior-scapers as well! We take pride in preparing the orders exactly to the specific wishes of our customers. Because of the wholesale nature of our business, we are not set up for sales to the public. Almost every flower store and garden center in our area caries our Orchids. The one closest to us is The Watering Can, a retail flower and garden market, just around the corner from our greenhouse, on 3711 King Street in Vineland (phone 905 562 0088).

Why the logo with the words "Colour Emotion Life"?

What do flowering plants do to the persons that buy them? They bring colour in their house or in their garden, to their lives. Whenever a plant is given as a present, emotion is always involved: whether it is for a birthday, mothers day, valentines day, any other celebration or just as a surprise, there is a reason for a positive emotion! Our plants are living and we hope to colour people's lives with them!


The colour-emotion-life logo is also your guarantee for quality!

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impressions exterior
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impressions interior
care instructions
care instructions


Place your orchid in moderate light conditions and not in direct sunlight.



Temperatures between 15 C and 25 C (59F -77F) are recommended.



Watering every 5 to 10 days.


Only for decoration, not for human consumption.


Never let the growerspot sit in water but drain out all excess water.



After all blooms have dropped, cut out flower spike above the plant base.



Please click here for a pdf with more detailed Care Instructions!



Les soins des Phalaenopsis.


Orchids are easy to care for!


I have just received one of your orchids and would very much like to compliment you on your packaging, and presentation (not to mention the plant itself). I really appreciate the thought & design that went into this project. Keep up the great product, and may you enjoy a prosperous future.

-Sincerely, Colleen


Dear Mike: Wow!, Thank you so much for the information on the care of my NEW ORCHID! The information is what I needed. They really are beautiful plants. I saved your Orchid Care Information, on my computer, for safe keeping and future reference.

- Warm Regards, Margaret


The Orchid I bought was beautiful, long lasting and beyond expectations! Thank you! My children in Ottawa and Montreal have purchased your Orchids as well. It is so worthwhile getting Orchids from your greenhouse!

- Lowell


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent quality on the Orchids and allowing us to take advantage of your promotional pricing for this week! It is nice to know we can count on great suppliers like yourselves!

- Thanks again, David

My husband and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for the most beautiful Orchids you provided for our daughter's wedding. Mike, they couldn't have been more perfect! Even the wedding planner had never seen such excellent quality plants. Again, thank you Mike for making our daughter's day even more special. Thank you for providing such perfection.

- Sincerely, Monica & Robert


We just got the proofs of our professional photographers pictures from the wedding and I wanted to send you some of the beautiful pictures where your orchids are displayed! Thank you for your flowers - they were gorgeous! In fact, they are continuing to flower in everyone's homes even though its now been more than two months since our wedding.

- Thank you again! Lisa and Matt

OFG, the cooperative Flower Auction in the GTA where CosMic Plants is a shareholder / supplier.


Marche Floral, the cooperative Flower Auction in Montreal where CosMic Plants is a shareholder / supplier.


The Watering Can, with locations in Vineland (just around the corner from our greenhouse) and in St. Catharines, representing CosMic Plants Inc. with retail sales of our Orchids to the public.


Pick Ontario, the marketing organization for Ontario grown floral product.


An article about CosMic Plants Inc. in Greenhouse Canada, the Canadian Magazine for the greenhouse industry.

Tava Systems has provided CosMic Plants with greenhouse logistics systems improving efficiency.

Automation at CosMic Plants

Shipping system at CosMic Plants


Our Orchids are being used at TV shows and productions such as the MMVA
CosMic Plants orchids at the Much Music Video Award Show.

Much Music Video Award Show


Good things grow in Ontario.

Ontario grown Orchids!


How to water your Orchid.

Orchids are easy to care for!


A two-minute video introduction to CosMic Plants.

Click here for the video.



CosMic Plants Inc.
4228 Maple Grove Road

Beamsville, Ontario L0R 1B1



T:  905 562 9389
F:  905 562 9390


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